Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New 24-inch iMac

Ahead of the now confirmed special event next week, Apple has made a surprising move of updating their iMac line-up.

The iMac family...

As well as upgrading all of the machines to an Intel Core 2 Duo processor they have released a new 24-inch iMac, as well as lowering the price of the entry level model. I don't think anyone was expecting this move by Apple...

Update: The Mac mini has also been updated...

Update It looks like the 17-inch base model no longer comes with an Apple Remote as standard. Which seems like the wrong decision for Apple, it's okay for people like me who have a few lying around, but not so good for switchers. Without the remote, Front Row isn't much use, and isn't that one of the main selling features for an iMac going into the home? ...and surely that's where they're targeting the base model?


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