Friday, September 01, 2006

The rumours must roll

With apologies to Heinlein, the Apple rumour mill is starting to roll again with the prediction of a special event in San Francisco (via Engadget).

On the heels of the news that larger orders for the Mac mini are not being accepted, we've heard rumours about an updated Mac mini, possibly even with CableCard support. I'm still holding out for a good replacement for the 12" Powerbook, perhaps an instant on tablet, or even a palmtop? But as iLounge puts it,
Analysts and Apple watchers have long predicted that new iPods, full-length iTunes movie downloads, and possibly even an iPhone would be introduced this fall.
There are probably half a dozen people on the planet that really knows what's coming, and Steve Jobs no doubt has them holed up in a bunker somewhere in Cupertino guarded by ex-SAS guys, just to keep them away from the press. But we shouldn't let that get in the way, so let the rumours roll...

Update: The latest rumour, and not one I've heard before which actually makes it more rather than less believable, is about the release of a new 23-inch iMac to go with the current 17 and 20-inch models. I've got both of the current iMacs, guess I'd have to complete the set if they brought out a 23-inch version. Shame...

Update: Looks like, for once, the rumours were correct.

Update: A surprise update of the iMac and Mac mini lines, including the release of a new 24-inch iMac more than a week ahead of the special event on the 12th...

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