Saturday, January 08, 2005

This is not the iHome

Someone looks to have gone to a lot of trouble, Engadget is reporting pictures porporting to be of the "new" Apple iHome. It seems likely that these are fakes, as there are some telling slips. The word "Centre" while spelt correctly for the UK isn't spelt correctly for the US, and it seems unlikely there would be an "international" version of the product so soon. Surely they wouldn't announce the product at MacWorld using a UK box? Also, amoungst other things, at least one of the photos seems to show the product with a dented corner, implying that it could be a cardboard mockup rather than an actual box.

The Apple iHome Media Centre?

More pictures and video can be found elsewhere, however nobody seems to have a back story or to be able to offer any credible evidence that these are shots of a real product. I think we're going to have to write this one off as fake until, or unless, Steve Jobs proves us wrong at MacWorld next week in San Francisco.

Update: Rui Carmo has done an analysis of the image headers and they seem fairly self consistent, if it's a hoax, it's a good one. However, Simon Woodside has done some forensic analysis of the photos and I'd agree they don't seem to hold up to scrutiny.

On the other hand, Robert Cringley has some interesting reasons why even if these photos aren't real, a (very) sub $500 headless iMac could definitely be on the cards.

Update: Steve Jobs' keynote speech at MacWorld did indeed produce a sub $500 Mac, but it was the Mac mini not the rumoured iHome (above) that was finally unveiled.