Monday, September 06, 2004

Back in the water...

Well I got back in the water at the weekend, diving the Salsette and the Pomeranian. Having replaced the scrims and the canister o-rings I went diving with, I'll admit, some degree of trepidation. However all went well, and with good weather for the weekend, I got some decent dives in despite the early start on the second day to catch the morning tide...

Weymouth at dawn, catching the early tide

Portland Bill Lighthouse

The P&O liner Salsette was torpedoed by UB-40 in 1917, and lies in 48m. I spent 30 minutes on the bottom, using an 18/40 diluent, with 37 minutes of decompression

The Pomeranian is a 4,241 ton Canadian liner which was torpedoed and sunk the following year by another German submarine, and lies in 37m. I spent 40 minutes on the bottom for around the same amount of decompression penalty.

Visibility for the weekend was around 3 to 4m.

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