Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Diving out of Weymouth

So the plan for the bank holiday weekend was to to diving out of Weymouth on Woody's new, and as yet unnamed, boat.

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The new boat, looking a lot like the old boat.

We were going to have a four day weekend, but the traditional bank holiday weather meant that Friday was blown out. The weather on the Saturday had settled remarkably however and we dived the Aparima, a 5,704 ton liner lying in 42m, sunk in 1917 by a German submarine while going from London to Barry.

Diving the Aparima on Saturday

I was diving with Pete Steggle, and did about 35 minutes bottom time, followed by around 45 minutes of decompression.

Ken using his baby booster.

The weather on Sunday wasn't so good, but we pushed out to the Everleigh, lying in around 45m, sunk in 1945 by a German submarine while sailing from London to New York. I was diving with Pete again, and had a pretty decent dive until near the end of our planned run time when I had a CO2 break through on the unit.

All I can say about this right now is that every horror story you've heard about this is true, it isn't pleasant. I've ordered a new scrim kit, cannister O-rings, and some other bits and pieces and once I've got the unit stripped down I'll post again and in more detail.

All things considered I decided not to dive on the Monday, which seemed like an even better idea once I found out that Woody's new lift broke later on that day.

Steve Jones has written a trip report for the weekend.

Update: A more detailed report of the breakthrough and my experiences in the hope that this will help other divers.

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