Tuesday, September 21, 2004

GMail invites...

As I mentioned earlier, I now have a Google Gmail Beta account. I also now have six, count them, six invites to give away. Anyone want one?


  1. Offloading my GMail invites was pretty easy, but now they've given me another six. Does anyone else want one?

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  2. If you happen to have any left I'd definatly be interested.
    Tyrel Hiebert - kranky_joe@hotmail.com

    Thanks in advance

  3. hej,

    If you still have gmail invites, you'd make me very happy by sending one to bluepoisson@hotmail.com


  4. Hi,

    If there's a GMail invite left I'd be most grateful!

    Iain - commish@psbffl.com

  5. Nope, sorry. I've given the last of them away. No doubt I'll get some more soon though...

  6. Anonymous4:34 pm

    I would really appreciate it if any one can send a gmail invite to me.

    my email is : mltr911@yahoo.com

  7. Anonymous4:34 pm

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  8. If you still have any Gmail invites, I'd love one...



  9. Anonymous2:00 am

    if u get anymore invites, plz send me 1 at spritzer_1@hotmail.com

    thanx!! :-)

  10. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Do you have Gmail invites? I'd love to have one.
    hankarank@hotmail.com Thankyou!

  11. Anonymous3:07 pm

    If you get anymore invites, could you please send me one? Thanks.


  12. Anonymous9:57 am

    could i please have a gmail account i would really appreaciate it my email is motox_matt@hotmail.com

  13. Anonymous8:49 pm

    any chance of an invite, much appreciated.

  14. Anonymous4:33 am

    i would like a gmail invite, send one to keekasaurus@hotmail.com or csantos001@rogers.com, thx in advance

  15. Anonymous9:17 pm

    You probably don't have any more of those gmail invites. However, if you do and you are looking to give one away, I would be much obliged. Thanks.

    You can send it to maeralius@hotmail.com

  16. Just to try and stem the tide of requests a little, I do not have any more GMail invites to give away...

  17. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Desperately need a GMAIL invite. Have been searching for one and have missed getting 1 by a hair's breadth couple of times. Google Rocks!! - angelsoul2k@netscape.net

  18. Anonymous4:48 am

    If a GMail invite becomes available, I'd love to have one. zoneblitz56@yahoo.com

  19. Anonymous2:44 pm


    I'd be grateful if i could have a gmail invile by email address is mehtagaurav2@hotmail.com.


  20. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Geez...I have been dieing for a gmail acct. LOL. Nice blog...very fun! If you have a gmail to spare my name is Jay Rhodes Email: ineedagmail@1gaia.com Thanks in advance if you have a spare ;^)

  21. Anonymous4:43 pm

    It'll be great if you could send a GMail invite to me. My email id is karan_sarin7@yahoo.com.


  22. Anonymous8:14 pm

    If you still have any invites left I would be very grateful for one...



  23. Anonymous5:26 am

    cud i plzz have a gmail invite if ne1 has ne ...karena

  24. hello . send me one invitation to steefy@portugalmail.com please. i need that

  25. Anonymous10:45 pm

    48 gmail invites to give away.
    if you're interested, email me at scorpion87@gmail.com

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.