Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Apple and the headless iMac

ThinkSecret is peddling the rumour of a headless iMac soon to be available for less than $500, I'm less excited about this than I could be because it'll ship in the UK at just under £500 despite an exchange rate of almost two dollars to the pound.

Apple has stayed clear of the sub-$500 PC market for very obvious reasons, so I'm going to be suprised if such a thing as a headless iMac comes to pass, but there are lines of arguement not mentioned by ThinkSecret that do make it seem like an attractive proposition to Apple this time around. I'm going to be watching this one closely, even if it turns out that in the end I can fly to New York, buy a headless iMac, and fly back to the UK for less than the price of an "native" UK iMac. So much for the global economy.


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