Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The post-lunch demo

We've just come back from the lunch break and are we're now into the crucial part of the meeting, the actual demo. Nic Walton did the warm up and talked about the helper applications, such as CDS Aladin and Starlink's TOPCAT and Treeview applications.

The first demo was the extra-galactic use case with Nic talking us through the wokflow, with a live demo of the workflow going on in the background. They seem to have gone with Groovy as a scripting language for workflow, interesting choice...

Nic Walton and the AG extra-galactic workflow demo

...and indeed a good number of the people in the audience seem quite worried by the choice of Groovy as the scripting harness for the workflow engine.

We've slid into a long and detailed discussion about what should be user scripted and what workflow should provide natively. I'm very confused about why aplications which already has a workflow harness needs user scripting to stick them together? Surely that sort of thing should be entirely transparent to the user?

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