Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Apple iPhone

Update: iPhone released in Jan. 2007

Russell Beattie has been indulging in some fantasizing about the direction in which Apple might be heading with his blog post about the the "iphone".

I think he's dead wrong. The key thing about the sucess of the iPod, which I'm sure is clear to Steve Jobs, is that Apple broke into (invented) a totally new market and became the dominant player with a high margin product. The mobile phone market is anything but new, in fact, it's totally saturated and margins are vanishing thin. On top of this, his suggestion of "...a small version of OSX" is unfortunately totally off the wall.

CREDIT: iCreate/
The iphone, not an Apple product, or likely to be one? I think this image comes from the UK magazine iCreate which has a habit of dreaming up possible new product lines for Apple.

If anything, I think Ross Mayfield has a better idea. The thought of a WiFi enabled iPod is enough to make most geeks break into a sweat. It might not be as revolutionary, but it's a lot more likely.

But if Apple do bring out an iPhone, I'm first in the queue and unless it's another Newton, they'll pry it from my cold dead hands once I've got one...

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