Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dissecting Google Maps

Joel Webber has done a good job of taking apart the new Google Maps service. Like Joel I was impressed with the elegance of the DTML and Javascript of Google's new web app, despite the fact it doesn't work in Safari.

Of course their acquisition of Keyhole last year might have something to do with things? If so, it'll be interesting to see where they're going. I recently came across photo maps, these are aerial photographs of the UK overlaid with Ordnance Survey street level maps. All the goodness of actual topology, with the clarity of street maps for the actual navigation bit. On the fly generation of this sort of material with the added goodness of Google Local? Magic...

Update: Joel has had another look at the Google Map implementation. He makes some good points, especially about how Google have managed to make the back button dance to their tune...

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  1. The article on Google Maps seems to have dissapeared. The whole blog has dissapeared.
    Do you happen to know if it might exist somewhere else?