Tuesday, February 22, 2005

User Tools

Today we're talking about user tools (DS4).

In the basement, where the WiFi doesn't go...

Of the working groups I think user tools is the one where I have the least input, despite the fact that I personally see agent technologies as something that can be used extensively at the user level to provide an intelligent access layer into the VO, inside VOTech they are seen far more as infrastructure. There was however a fair bit of discussion about tools that fit inside workflows, and metadata visualisation, both of which were fairly interesting.

Just before lunch we also talked about the forthcoming EuroVO Workshop and the things that needed to be done by VOTech during phase 1 before then, although this moved into a rather long and detailed discussion about what exactly the workshop was going to be about in the first place.

On returning from lunch we started talking about "Tools vs. Scenarios", and robotic telescope interfaces did get a mention, but didn't seem to make it into the schedule of work over the next three years.

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