Sunday, February 27, 2005

One man, one plane, one world...

It looks like the predicted conditions are good enough that the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer has a green for take off tomorrow. Take off is currently scheduled between 2 and 6pm local time (8pm and midnight UTC) tomorrow from Salina Municipal Airport in Kansas.

CREDIT: Virgin Atlantic
The Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer

The Global Flyer is yet another innovative Burt Rutan and Scaled Composites project, designed to make an attempt at the first solo non-stop flight around the world, which has been pretty much overshadowed by the successful X-Prize flights [1, 2] of SpaceShipOne late last year...

Update: The Global Flyer took off at 00:47UTC on Tuesday, about an hour later than initially scheduled. The BBC has more information...

Update: A successful touch down at Salina for Steve Fossett and the Global Flyer at 13:50 local time (19:50UTC) on Thursday the 3rd of March, some 67 hours after they took from there on the round the world trip.

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