Thursday, February 17, 2005

Feedburner issues

Christopher Schmidt has just pointed out that Feedburner is having some technical issues with their Last-Modified headers.

Although my Atom feed is generated natively by Blogger, I use Feedburner to provide an RSS feed for those people who prefer to take the feed that way. I was thinking about shuting down the Blogger generated Atom feed and using Feedburner's SmartFeed to provide both dynamically, however I might hold off for a bit now.

Amongst other things, reducing the number of feeds would have let me get a better handle on how many people are actually reading my rambings. The RSS feed has a circulation of 25 or 30 people, but I have much less idea about who is reading the Atom feed. Although, if the hits to circulation ratio of the RSS holds steady, then there are probably another 10 to 15 people reading via the Atom feed. I'd hate to cut them off cold turkey. For comparison Statcounter is telling me that I've got about 100 people regularly reading the front page using a normal browser, I never knew I was that interesting...

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  1. Anonymous10:48 am

    You should check out the comments to the FeedBurner post: it seems they're fixing that issue, so I wouldn't worry about it.