Saturday, February 19, 2005

Python Traffic Cameras

Last week, Justin Everett-Church won the Macromedia's Flash Lite contest with his Manhattan Traffic Camera Monitoring application. Russell Beattie wrote about it when he talked about Nokia licensing Flash Lite 1.1, and caused rumblings amongst the great and the good. In response Christopher Schmidt sat down and wrote a proof of concept traffic cam monitoring application in Python in 45 minutes.

Along with a few others I took Christopher's application and modified it for local use and amongst other things, changed the GUI to be a bit more user proof. Talk about rapid development in action...

Those of you in London might want to have a look at Jim Hughes' version of the application as he modified it to look at the BBC's list of London jam cams.

Traffic camera monitoring around Exeter, U.K.

As Christopher says it looks like Justin has opened a whole can of worms, and there are now lots of people vigorously scratching their various itches. Amongst them Christopher himself has released a version 3 of his own application.

It looks like he's done exactly what I was going to do next, and fixed things so that it fetches the list of URLs from a remote site in some sort of standard format. I guess I'll grab his latest version and work from there...


  1. Anonymous12:55 pm

    The standard format is ass-simple. I've already converted Devon and added it into the main program. Also created a wikipage on PostNeo for the project: . That way people can manage lists without having to go through my inbox. I'm going to link to the wiki from the program homepage too. Thanks for your work!

  2. Sorry Jim, fixed!