Thursday, July 29, 2004

CPAN for In-House Development

Started with the two people giving the talk performing a rap, err, okay.

CPAN Tools In-House

They talked CPAN and how it is the Perl killer application (which it is unquestionably), and how you could (should?) use the CPAN infrastructre (see CPAN::Site) in-house to distribute and archive your own code (and of course eventually release them on CPAN proper). They also talked about how refactoring is a good thing.

Amougst a bunch of othe topics (the session was a collection of lightning talks) they talked about the PAR module which is something I've looked at for eSTAR before, but couldn't get to work, presumably due to the complexity of our code base and the presense of XS and (especially) Fortran. I should probably take another look at it as it loks far more mature than last time I tried to get it to automate our installation.