Thursday, July 29, 2004

Keynote Speeches

The Dyson keynote speech, with Freeman Dyson and George Dyson (Esther Dyson is currently stuck in Texas) opened with the Star Trek episode where Picard discovered a Dyson sphere.

Nat Torkington in yet another bright shirt

Freeman Dyson talked about biotech, which he called "the technology of the 21st century" drawing analogies with the computer industry which has become an integral part of peoples lives, and become domesticated. He envisages that in the coming century biotech will do something similar...

The Dyson Keynote

George Dyson continued the theme talking about "hacking the physical world", with both Dyson's then going on to talk about the quantification of risk in society. Freeman Dyson said that the way we're going to avoid the dangers presented by biotech is probably down to luck, presenting the idea that this is pretty much how society makes it through every new challenge. After all, "do you want to live a risk free life?".

The session was opened up for questions from the audience

During the question session Freeman Dyson drew an analogy between open source and the free transfer of genetic material through the emerging biotech technologies. Wierd!