Monday, July 26, 2004

Rendezvous Programming

I spent my afternoon in the Rendezvous tutorial given by Stuart Cheshire. I got alot out of this one, Stuart pitched the tutorial exactly right, taking a evangelical approach to explaining the "zeroconf" philosophy, and then showing us how to get our hands dirty with the C and Java Rendezvous API.

Rendezvous JAR building in XCode

I had trouble getting the Java JNI wrappers to build using XCode, which eventually came down to having a space in my path something which should have been blindingly obvious to someone who'd recently spent a week pushing the autoconf boulder uphill, and Stuart took the time to sort things out for me after the tutorial session.

I'm really enthusiastic about Rendezvous, I can see alot of applications for the new (next) generation of web services Starlink is thinking about. I can also think of a couple of applications inside the eSTAR agent code where this sort of technology will come in handy.