Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Perl 6

Damian, ability heckled by Larry, talked at length about Perl 6 mainly focusing on the new object orientated syntax. Something new to me this year was roles.

Perl 6, are we theeere yet...?

We use classes as "types", but also to add functionality to existing classes unsing multiple inheritance. Perl 6 supports a cleaner way to do multiple inheritance, allows us to insert a framgment of a class into another classes code.

class Vector::Identifiable {
is Vector;
does Identifiable;


So the compiler effectively takes the contents of the fragment of the class and unifies the builds. This should lead to a more unified design (component libraries). Roles are not classes, they are just fragments. However, if you declare methods without defining them, you basically have a Java interface. Roles are therefore a superset of traits.