Thursday, July 29, 2004

Perl Lightning Talks

A series of rapid fire talks...

Morgan Stanley Infrastructure APIs - they currently hide all their services behings SOAP, use variety of languages Perl, Java, C/C++, etc. MSDW::Eclipse does authentication, the application has no knowledge of what's happening behind the scenes uses pure message passing. MSDW::Quasar does common alerts, simple templates to make objects. Now generate all of the API's for all the languages (including Java) with this code.

CGI::Prototype - Generic CGI engine based on Class::Prototype which allows your data and your subroutines to live in the same name space.

Perl is too slow - Our managers tell us that Java is fast, and that Perl has a high compile overhead, this has been solved in mod_perl but what about everyone else? PPerl is a package that does this, #!/usr/bin/pperl is about ×10 faster than #!/usr/bin/perl. But this is still too slow, reimplementing string matches make them go ×150 faster (see Text::Qsearch module coming to CPAN soon).

Aegis - Want direct acess to CVS without letting people break your archive. Instead of committing straight back in, the changes have to build (Aegis knows how to build the module) and you need added tests (which your change needs to pass. The change then going into a "awaiting review" stage, a reviewer then approves the diff. Down side is that Aegis doesn't work well over a network. But hopefully this should reduce the number of patches being mailed around.

NGO in a box - A meta-distribution of open source in an actual physical box you can give to people.

Introducing the Package Factory - Work flow tool providing multi-platform packaging and distribution, uses ZeroG InstallAnywhere and MSI packages (doesn't seem to actually be released on the net?).

Start using prove - Designed as a development tool and is part of Test::Harness, it's like make test but more flexible and now included with core Perl. It's better for two reason: (1) Prove shows results (doesn't Test::More do this?), (2) Prove gives you control.

Parrott Licensing - Put copyright notice on you files, shouldn't say "All rights reserved", the files should be under the GPL or the Artistic License (or the Clarified Artistic License). You need to copyright assignments under U.S. law on bits on actual physical paper.