Friday, October 21, 2005

The Flock developer preview

Flock, the most talked about new web browser around, did indeed get their developer preview out the door yesterday....

The Mac OS X Flock Developer Preview

First look? I'm impressed, if they can get it all working. Integrating and using it to tag and store your bookmarks is a no-brainer and the integration of Blogger and Flickr is pretty slick, or at least it would be if I could get it to work properly.

On start-up Flock repreatedly asks me for my and Flickr passwords, despite having them stored in the password manager, and I can't get the Blogger toolbar to work at all as trying to start it up and login to by account freezes the browser solid.

However these are teething problems, the look and feel hints that when its all working, I'm probably going to have to switch browsers. Hopefully they can get the Mac OS X integration up to speed, as its lack is why I'm still using Safari rather than Mozilla.

It's all very Web 2.0...

Update: More from the assembled hordes at Slashdot...

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