Thursday, October 13, 2005

The iTunes divide

I was excited by yeterday's announcement and after downloading iTunes 6, and despite some people reporting teething problems, I decided that I wanted a copy of season one of Lost. However there was a slight problem...

The USA store (left) and the UK store (right)

Can you spot the difference? So I logged onto the USA store and walked through the purchase of my show, right up to the point where it wouldn't let me...


Which doesn't really make me very happy, especially since it let me browse the store without a problem, the only indication I got that it wasn't going to let me buy the show was when I tried to pay for it. That is pretty poor design, and very frustrating for the user.

Of course the question you have to ask yourself is, why? Why am I not allowed to do this? It doesn't make sense, I want to give someone money to buy a product and they won't let me because I live in a different country? What happened to the global economy?

Update: For those of you that can buy episodes, C.K. Sample talks about the video quality over on the Unofficial Apple Weblog.