Monday, October 10, 2005

Shallow thoughts at Web 2.0?

Jim Lanzone recently spoke at the Web 2.0 Conference on the blogosphere, asking the question, which feeds matter?

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The Web 2.0 Conference

He finds that Bloglines has only a little over a million feeds that have more than one subscriber, only 36,930 feeds have more than 20 subscribers, and only 437 feeds had more than 1,000 subscribers. Based on this Jim has made some decisions about what feeds matter. But I think he's missed the point...

He's assuming that Bloglines is a statistically neutral cross-section of people who read feeds. What evidence does he have for this? For instance Safa Rashtchy's session at the same conference seems to have proved, amongst other interesting things, that teenagers don't use Yahoo.

So what is the demographic that Jim Lanzone and Bloglines are basing their conclusions, for instance I know that Bloglines makes up about 1/100th of my subscriber base. But am I typical? Atypical? Widely aberrant? I'd be more interested in seeing something like this from the Feedburner guys...

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