Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New iPod with wider screen?

Update: This post refers to a previous generation iPod, however you are probably looking for news of the latest iPod, which was announced during the Apple special event on the 12 September 2006.

CREDIT: Dennis Lloyd/iLounge (Posted via Flickr by aallan)
An all new wide screen iPod?

More hints that we're looking at some sort of new iPod from iLounge (via Apple Matters). iLounge has snapped exclusive photos of advertisements that seem to be promoting a new iPod, which rumours indicate will be introduced today at Apple's "One more thing" event in San Jose, California. The familiar silhouette posters seem to show an all-new iPod model with a noticeably larger display compared to the current models.

Update: ...and this looks awfully like a pre-production sample.

Update: The Apple Store is down for an update, here we go...

Update: Amongst other toys we did indeed get our video iPod...

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  1. Yes, we did finally get the video iPod.

    However, this iPod is just a stop-gap - apparently there's a new, full-blown video iPod coming out next year.

    Also the rumour is that a pink, Madonna iPod nano is coming out next month.
    Can I plug my iPod news site: Thanks.