Friday, October 07, 2005

More Web 2.0

Recently there have been a lot of people trying to define exactly what is Web 2.0? Predictably the backlash against the meme has begun in earnest. Probably because despite attempts [1, 2, 3] nobody can agree on what it actually is, and have been reduced to analogies like comparing Web 2.0 to a rainforest...

However people do seem to agree that Google Maps is, at least currently, the only funtional Web 2.0 platform, they also agree that this has to change. A good reference for finding Web 2.0 services is the Mashup Matrix, which show how the different 'base' services have been combined by people. My favourite right now pretty much has to be Placeopedia, which connects Wikipedia articles with their locations.

Of course, Web 2.0 can't be just about mash-ups, Slashdot recently talked about early AJAX office applications with predicable results. Perhaps there might have been a more positive response if someone had mentioned Basecamp, Backpack and Writeboard and Ta Da Lists from 37signals? Or the resurrection of

Whatever happens, Web 2.0 is here to stay, and will probably continue to be intimately associated with O'Reilly, in one form or another. So you may as well get used to hearing about it...

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