Thursday, October 27, 2005

Linehaul delay

The TNT consignment tracking query for our new iMac is currently returning,
Potential Linehaul Delay Due To Technical Problems.
Our new iMac, which will be doing double duty as a file server and a development box for the astrophysics cluster, is currently sitting in Pudong International Airport just east of Shanghai, its been there a while now.

Update: ...its now been for a couple of days. Does anybody know what a linehaul delay actually is? or how long it might last?

Update: After 4 days our package has finally moved. It looks like it's made it as far as Arnhem, so with luck it should be here within a couple more days...

Update: It turned up today, so in the end we lost 4 days to the "linehaul delay"...

Our new development box...


  1. Anonymous3:50 pm

    "Linehaul: The tariff transportation charge to move your shipment from point of origin to it's final point of destination."

    I have the same...

  2. Anonymous7:24 pm

    From when you got the email from mac saying the order has been dispatched how long did it take to get there?

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