Wednesday, November 23, 2005

5p off a litre?

Fancy 5p off a litre of unleaded? That'd be 35 cents a US gallon for my American readers, although for once you're not included in things...

Following the recent petrol protests here in the UK, the price of petrol has fallen from a peak of over £1 per litre (around US$7.00 per US gallon) to a bit more reasonable 86.9p per litre (around US$6.00 per US gallon)

However Ben Scammell, a veteran campaigner for cheaper fuel, isn't alone in thinking that this is still a bit on the high side. However, unlike the rest of us he's actually set out to do something about the problem. His idea is that car drivers should club together and negotiate a bulk-buying discount from petrol stations in a similar way to the bigger companies. He has established a website and says he has used his contacts in the industry to negotiate an "in principle" deal with a national fuel retailer.

He says the petrol company, which he won't as yet name, has promised to provide a discount of between 5p and 10p per litre of fuel to everyone who signs up to the website provided the number of registrations reaches a certain level.

Worth a try perhaps?

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