Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Slashdot loosing it?

Is Digg going to be the Web 2.0 replacement for Slashdot? Every geek has a special place in their heart for Slashdot, but despite this we all moan about how it has been going down hill over the last few years, and the moaning has grown quite stringent over the last few months.

But looking at the Alexa traffic rankings for vs. (via Waxy) in just under a year Digg has reached near-Slashdot traffic levels.

What's the difference? With Digg, users submit stories for review just like Slashdot, but rather than allowing an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users do, and maybe that's all that was needed...

Update: I sort of agree with one of the remarks that turned up in the Digg comments on this story,
... I still prefer reading Slashdot's comments to Digg's comments on the same story - Digg may have the stories first, but Slashdot is where people intelligently discuss it.
although the quality of the comments on Slashdot is more than variable, this guy has a point...

Update: Of course Digg is sitting in a precarious position at the moment, Slashdot is beloved, if aging. If someone esle, perhaps Newsvine, comes along with a better site and a better concept, they'll get marginalised. Whatever the outcome however, I think the battle for the Web 2.0 era Slashdot replacement is turely begun...

Update: Russell Beattie has his own opinion on Newsvine and Web 2.0. Russell started off as a mainstream journalist, so he has an interesting take on things...

Update: There is an interesing interview in Information Week with Jeff Bate, who co-founded Slashdot with Rob Malda. Ironically perhaps, I found the interview via Digg...

Update: Some really interesting numbers and graphs from Jason Kottke comparing the effect of a Digg link to one from Slashdot for a recent post to his blog.


  1. You're right, did this first. Maybe this time round it's an idea whose time has finally arrived?

  2. Anonymous12:44 am

    The money quote is "...but Slashdot is where people intelligently discuss it". Laugh, I nearly shat myself.