Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My folder of shame

Matt Jones seems to have been the first to ask, "What's in your folder of shame?" Which may prompt you to ask, what's a folder of shame?
The things where you've just thought of the title, but written nothing to back it up? The momentary points of self-deluded genius that in the cold light of day you thought better of?
This is one of those runaway memes that seem to have hit a nerve with many bloggers [1, 2, 3]. I guess it's because we all have a bunch of half completed posts sitting around, almost ready, if only we could find a spark of inspiration to finish them, or in a lot of cases, the time. So, what's currently in my drafts folder?
  • Front Row first impressions
  • Search as a commodity?
  • Google Local goes mobile
  • Long awaited laptop upgrades
  • Counting Heads
  • Those that don't know history
  • Is the U.S. anti-science?
  • Google, beyond evil?
  • Broken feeds?
  • Intelligent photo tagging
  • Beattie on startups...
  • In search of a better laptop
Some of these are good stuff, almost completed posts. Some of these won't ever seen the light of day... what's in your folder of shame?

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