Monday, July 23, 2007

OSCON 2007

Day one of OSCON 2007 here in Portland, Oregon. I managed to haul myself out of bed early enough to grab my morning coffee and make my way down to the convention centre without actually having to jog, something I probably won't manage every day this week. Over the first two days of the conference I'm signed up for the Taming Legacy perl, Understanding Asterisk, Higher-order Perl and Data-mining from Open APIs tutorials and you can follow along with me here, Brad is also blogging although it doesn't sound like he's had his morning coffee yet today...

Update: Peter Scott talking about Taming Legacy Perl.

Update: Brian Capouch talking about Understanding Asterisk.

Update: The Intel Threading Building Blocks launch party.

Update: Mark-Jason Dominus talking about Higher-order Perl.

Update: Toby Segaran talking about Data-mining from Open APIs.

Update: The Wednesday morning keynote address.

Update: Andy Lester talking about Managing Technical Debt.

Update: Lunch in the Expo Hall.

Update: Larry Wall talking about Perl 6.

Update: Patrick Michaud who was also talking about Perl 6.

Update: Lino Ramirez talking about Machine Learning and Perl.

Update: The Thursday morning keynote address.

Update: Eric Wilhelm talking about cross-platform GUIs with wxPerl.

Update: Error handling in Ajax got cancelled.

Update: Mark Pruett talking about Ajax and Web Services.

Update: Quinn Norton talking about Body Hacking.

Update: Any Hoy talking about Prototype and Object.prototype.

Update: Larry Wall and the State of the Onion.

Update: The Friday morning keynote address.

Update: Brian Jepson talking about Hacking the Real World.

Update: Mark Gross talking about Amateur Robotics.

Update: Philip Torrone and Limor Fried and open hardware.

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