Friday, July 27, 2007

OSCON: State of the Onion

So slipping into the back of the room at the tail end of the Perl Lightning Talks, and caught Pudge performing Perl In a Nutshell.

I'm now sitting in the Perl Foundation Auction. Its got to be one of the few auctions you'll ever attend where the auctioneer heckles the goods he's trying to palm off on the unsuspecting public, and boy do they have a lot of books and t-shirts to auction off this year...

...anyway, we have a book on it, who want's it?

...hardbacks! You can hit people with these!

Update: ...and we're done with the auction. Now it's time for this year's State of the Onion given as ever, by Larry Wall, and this year entitled "Programming is hard, let's go scripting!"

All language designers have the idiosynchrosies, I'm just better at it than most... - Larry Wall

...and we're done. Larry's talk was, as always, really funny and entertaining, but totally un-blog'able. Maybe Chris did a better job?

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