Friday, July 27, 2007

OSCON: Final keynote

The final keynote, and last session of the 2007 Open Source Convention is on Open Source Hardware and it's being given by Philip Torrone, the senior editor of Make: Magazine and Limor Fried who is according to Nat is the only person making money out of open source hardware right now.

Nat Torkington at his last OSCON

We're kicking off with Nat talking about next year, this is his last year working on OSCON, he's been doing this for eleven years and we're going to miss him. Although possibly not his shirts...

Philip and Limor are talking about open hardware

Update: On to the keynote talk and Philip and Limor are talking about open hardware, and how the field is starting to take off...

The Make: Board

interestingly it looks like people are starting to introduce new licences, the Chumby HDK License and the TAPR Open Hardware License because unlike software hardware is mostly based on patents, not copyright, and different licenses may be better.

Update: They've moved on to talking about Fab@Home, which is pretty cool, because once you've built one of these they can actually self-fabricate and duplicate themselves...

Update: Okay, I desperately need this, they're talking about Botanicalls which allows plants to place phone calls for human help, for instance when they need watering...

Botanicalls, plants that ask for help...

Update: They've moved on to talking about WaveBubble an open source RF jammer, which is certainly illegal to sell, and probably illegal to use, but probably not illegal to self-build.

Update: ...and we're done.

Update: Philip and Limor's keynote is now on, and the slides are available for download.


  1. I would have liked to have seen Limor Fried talk, she's a total open source hero ... heroine ... whatever.

  2. and she's handy with a soldering iron too.

  3. Well, it has been posted to, so you're in luck...