Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rumours of a T-Mobile deal?

Rumours are spreading (via Engadget) of an Apple deal with T-Mobile for distribution of the iPhone in Germany. Interestingly some people commenting on this story are missing the point...

Europe isn't like the States, it doesn't matter that T-Mobile doesn't have a foot hold in Italy, or elsewhere. Germany is an entire country to itself. For instance the Germans have a very different pattern of usage than the Italians, and a radically different contractual set up. In Italy just about everyone has a pre-paid phone and almost nobody has a contract, while the opposite it true in Germany.

For this, and many other reasons, I was always confused when people talked about a "European Launch". At least in the UK, I'd still argue it'd still make sense for Apple to go the MVNO route.

Update: Looks like someone slipped up at T-Mobile...


  1. So now the mainstream UK press is betting on it being O2.

    Well, that rules it out for me then. O2 are a bunch of bastards and I swore I'd never go near them again. I'm going to have to emigrate if I want an iPhone.

  2. Apparently O2 have now denied the rumours, I don't think anyone really knows what's going on...