Friday, July 27, 2007

OSCON: OSS Amateur Robotics

Next up is Amateur Robotics given by Mark Gross from Intel.

CREDIT: Mark Gross
Mark's entry for the SRS Robot Magellan contest

Update: He's talking about the on-board computing system for the robot, which is running a hacked NSLU2, which is pretty cool, as I've got one of those kicking around somewhere.

Unlike the previous talk, which was at about my level of hands-on with hardware, this stuff is well beyond my level of competence. I'm a software guy with delusions of grandeur, but I know my limits...

Update: More on the NSLU2-Linux and the Open Embedded projects.

Update: His slides are available, although they're in Open Office format, which isn't amazingly useful. But there is a lot more information on his website.

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