Thursday, July 26, 2007

OSCON: wxPerl: cross-platform GUI design

I'm in wxPerl talk with Eric Wilhelm from Scratch Computing. wxPerl is the binding for the wxWidgets library, and unlike Perl/Tk the standard dialogs and other shiny stuff all look like should do on the platform you're running the application on...

Update: He's talking about how to get wxPerl to play the Perl game, and his wxPerl code for his application dotReader, to actually look like Perl rather than wrapped C++. Since I actually want to listen to this, why don't you go off and read Chris and Brad's coverage, they look like they're typing faster than I am anyway...

Update Eric is pointing us at wxPerl::Constructors and wxPerl::Styles both of which should add a decent Perl-like convenience layer on top of the

Update: He's now pointing us at wxPerl::MenuMaker for a decent menu introspection convenience layer.

Update: Other useful modules are in the Wx::Perl and Wx:: namespace rather than than the wxPerl:: namespace, don't you love CPAN? Wx::Mozilla plugs a Mozilla canvas inside your Perl application, but WebCore and Wx::WebCore is the way of the future.

Update: He's using PAR for distribution on Windows and Linux, although this has some problems. But on a Mac a graphical application has to live inside a .app bundle, so you need to look at PerlWrapper and his own ExtUtils::MacMaker, which he hasn't released to CPAN yet, if you want to release in a sticky lump rather than a scatter of Perl files.

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