Friday, July 27, 2007

OSCON: Prototype and Object.prototype

After the afternoon break, and we're back with Prototype and Object.prototype: JavaScript Power Tools given by Amy Hoy. As Mark mentioned earlier in the day, there a bunch of different AJAX toolkits, and Prototype is one of the bigger players.

Amy Hoy talking about prototype

Javascript is a real language, and everything is an object, really, everything. Even strings are objects,

var string = "This is a string"

It relies very heavily on functions, while it does have objects, it doesn't have classes. It's a prototype based language...

Update: It's interesting sitting in Javascript talks, the people giving them sound the same way people did giving Perl talks five years ago. They start off justifying their language of choice, reassuring you it's a real language and explain why it can do cool stuff. Thinking about it, there are a bunch of ex-Perl hackers working on AJAX related stuff as well. Interesting, don't you think? These people are definitely drinking the Kool-Aid.

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