Friday, July 27, 2007

OSCON: Hack the Real World

I'm in Hack the Real World with Open Source and Microcontrollers given by Brian Jepson from Make: Magazine.

Brian Jepson talking about hacking the real world

He's talking about the Make Controller Kit and Arduino boards, and despite being from Make: he's focusing on the Arduino boards because it's "super open". The main difference is that the Arduino doesn't have an operating system, unlike the Make: board, and it's "...a lot like the old days".

Update: He's talking about the different types of 'serial', and just mentioned the MAX232 chip which does conversion between RS-232 and TTL serial.

Update: He's talking about the Parallax RFID module which is a great module, cheap, and the pins plug right into a breadboard.

Update: This is pretty cool, he's pushing through some code examples of how to use the Parallax RFID module with the Arduino board, which apparently come from Making Things Talk (via by Tom Igoe.

Update: He's talking about a bunch of different sensors, including the pretty interesting volatile organic compounds sensor from Also interesting is force sensing resistors from Trossen Robotics.

Update: He's also talking about a Serial to Wi-Fi widget, with a simple telenet level interface, about US$90 from

Update: There is also a GSM module, with embedded Python, for US$150 from, and a GPS module for US$70 from

Update: Apparently Brad was sitting somewhere in the back.

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