Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The AstroGrid Workshop, Day 2

Today we're looking at AstroGrid's user interface into the VO, the Workbench, along with their distributed storage system VOStore...

The Workbench GUI

Update: I've uploaded an quickly hacked together example of how to access the ACR RPC services via Perl. Not having played with any of the three main XMLRPC implementations for Perl before, being mostly a SOAP person, I was wondering whether any of them implement syntactic sugar for the RPC calls? The following,
   my $rpc = new XMLRPC::Lite();
   $result = $rpc->call('');
while perfectly serviceable isn't really very pretty. I'd obviously prefer to do this,
   my $rpc = new XMLRPC::Lite();
   $result = $rpc-> );
and at least with SOAP::Lite I can. But it doesn't seem to work with XMLRPC::Lite. I'm guessing Perl really doesn't like the dots in the method name. A brief, but not exhaustive, look at the XMLRPC::Lite source seems to suggest that this is the case?

Update: Day 1, day 3 and day 4 of the workshop.

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  1. What a very odd UI... It looks like a Tcl/Tk window running on OS/X with a Windows XP "Explorer Bar" as the main interface. All running on Java? Wacky.