Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Don't blow the beta

With more and more Web 2.0 beta products turning up, Techcrunch talks about how you'll get one chance at the early adopter eyeballs, and therefore why it's such a bad idea to blow your beta. It looks like bunch of people are just as annoyed as Michael Arrington about the rush to beta. I've been shocked by the poor quality of some of the products that have "launched" over the last few months, and I've got to say that despite my irritation at the whole idea, the stealth startups seem to have the right idea. All the "invite only" products I've been invited to have a look at seem to be in a much better state than some of the "straight to web" ones. Less pressure on the developers? Or just less traffic on the server?

I also totally agree with Michael's comments about Firefox and Safari support. Despite the fact mostly everyone else does, most early adopters don't use Internet Explorer and I think lack of support for alternative browsers and operating systems is one of the main reasons behind the growing backlash against Google.

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