Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Google Earth for Mac OS X

Closely following the leaked copy of Google Earth into the wild, Google has just officially released a version of Google Earth for Macintosh today at Macworld. While this is great news, however on the down side it appears the official release is still Mac OS X 10.4 only so those of us at the trailing edge still have to wait.

Update: First impressions and usage notes from Ogle Earth.

Update: Flickr users out there probably also want to look at Flickrmap and their tutorial on how to use Google Earth to geotag your Flickr images.

Update: It looks like JPEG images aren't a supported format on the Mac version of Google Earth for image overlays, and while I haven't played with the Windows version at all the KML tutorial seems to suggest they should be...

JPEG images aren't supported?

Update: Okay, oddly enough it looks like it sometimes will load JPEG images, and sometimes not. I'm no longer sure whether this is a transport or format issue, although there doesn't seem to be any difficulty with other formats like GIF.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no...

Update: Well it looks like I'm not the only person having troubles with image overlays, that's somewhat reassuring...

Update: Rumours about a Microsoft Earth, and me speculating about ubiquitous computing...


  1. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Google released a new version a few days ago, and it looks like they fixed the overlay problem. It supports 10.3.9, too!