Sunday, January 15, 2006

Disassembling the iMac

Some people just can't seem to help themselves when they get their hands on new hardware, they just have to take it apart (via TUAW)...


But I must admit to being somewhat confused, compared to the previous generation of G5 iMacs the new machines seem to be disappointingly messy. Apple normally put a lot of thought into both the outside and inside of their machines, and this looks like it's just been thrown together. You have to hope that this is a pre-production sample rather than a production model, because to be honest, it just doesn't look like Apple kit.

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  1. Anonymous11:14 pm

    According to my source (who is quite intimate with newest and older Apple hardware) the new iMac really is quite horrible inside. The one Kodawarisan has opened is not a pre-production model.

    In my opinion the move to worse begun with the second generation iMac G5 and got even worse with the Core Duo one. I guess the reason is that they have had to make compromises designing two motherboards for the same machine and time surely has not been on their side.

    A rumor states that the new motherboards come quite directly from Intel and we can just hope that Apple will get their act together in the future. I would not hope anything great this year given the stress Apple is facing with the transition.