Sunday, January 08, 2006

.Mac upgrades?

There have been rumours floating around for a while now that the focus of Steve Jobs' keynote at MacWorld next week might well be digital content delivery instead of hardware announcements, of course there have been rumours floating around about just about everything so that isn't necessarily a sign of anything but the Apple rumour mill going at full steam ahead.

However it's now starting to look more likely that we're in for a upgrade for the Apple .Mac service after reports of a planned outage during the keynote.

So despite the persistent rumours of the release of the first Intel based Macs this, along with the recent upgrade of the .Mac bandwidth limit to 1TB/month, makes me think that we're in for some software updates, perhaps in support of iLife '06 and the still mysterious iWeb application?

It won't be before time, the previous .Mac upgrade was in September last year when the Apple increased the storage limits from 250MB to 1GB. This wasn't viewed at the time as particularly generous, and a .Mac account still isn't really competitive with other offerings, especially in the age of Web 2.0 startups, although it's continued integration into Mac OS X means that uptake is higher than you'd expect considering the features on offer.

Of course the continuing integration is worrying for those of us still at the trailing edge, at what point are they going to discard backward compatibility with older version of OS X in favour of support of new nifty features?

Update: Blogging the keynote live...

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