Tuesday, January 17, 2006

More Web 3.0

We're no longer on the way to Web 3.0, some people are so sick of the hype surrounding the second bubble that they've decided to skip directly to version 3.0. Amongst other interesting things, Jeffery Zeldman has this to say to those of you out there building social software,
To you who are toiling over an AJAX- and Ruby-powered social software product, good luck, God bless, and have fun. Remember that 20 other people are working on the same idea. So keep it simple, and ship it before they do, and maintain your sense of humor whether you get rich or go broke. - Jeffery Zeldman, A List Apart
I have to admit I agree with him, you only have to look at the sites offering Flickr like functionality for video to know that there are only so many ideas out there, and that everybody is trying to get rich off those ideas. Not everybody is going to succeed, and it's not necessarily going to be the best technically implemented site full of AJAX-powered goodness that's going to win either. If Flickr offered video feeds tomorrow, the ten or so startups trying to make money off this would immediately go under. Bubbles are all about mindshare, and while I'm firmly behind the Web 2.0 ideals, lets admit, at least to ourselves if not the people offering us vast sums of money, that we're stuck with another bubble and just get on with cranking out some good code...

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