Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Macworld 2006

I've got five different browser windows open spread over the four different machines on my desk, all of them are full of tabs in an attempt to keep current on what's going on in San Francisco at Macworld.

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Macworld 2006 in San Francisco

Update: The keynote kicked off with the traditional retail update from Steve, but quickly moved onto the product announcements...

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The keynote

The first product to be announced, an FM Tuner and remote for iPod nano at $49, scores some points for Kevin Rose who predicted it a few hours ago, the tuner and remote will go on sale immediately. No mention of the rumoured iPod shuffle upgrades, the iLounge is suggesting that these might be unveiled in a separate event real soon now.

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...and here's Steve

Update: It looks like Kevin Rose's predictions might be on the nose, as both the rumoured iLife '06 and the promised Mac OS X 10.4.4 updates are shipping today. Does that mean Kevin's prediction of a dual-core Intel iBook is going to be "One More Thing"..?

Update: Kevin's predicted iPhoto updates along with the new Photocasting plugins, which sounds a lot like an Apple branded version of Flickr if you ask me, also seem to have come up. Looks like he's on a roll...

Update: Some iMove, iDVD and Garageband updates. Small stuff, are we all just waiting for "One More Thing" now?

Update: ...and here comes the rumoured iWeb which is going to allow you to share iLife content via the web. It apparently allows you to share photos, movies, video podcasts, music and blogs with single-click publishing to .Mac.

Update: iLife '06 will be $79 and is available today, however it will also be bundled free with any new Mac.

Update: We're on to hardware, the biggest news last year was the the move to Intel. Now Apple is ready, and Intel is ready. We're getting an Intel Mac today and shockingly the first of the new generation of machines is going to be an iMac rather than the long rumoured dual-core Intel iBooks. The new iMac will have the same design, the same features at the same price points. The difference? The new iMac is ×3 faster than the iMac G5 and uses an Intel dual core chip, each core faster than the G5. It's going to be called the iMac Duo and it'll ship today.

Update: Microsoft is committing to delivering a Universal binary of MS Office on time in March, and guaranteeing that they'll continue to ship the product for at least the next five year.

Update: The entire Mac range will be going Intel by the end of 2006, well ahead of the schedule announced last year, almost nobody predicted this...

Update: Here comes "One More Thing". Apple have been trying everything possible to put a G5 inside a Powerbook but they've failed. But there is an updated Powerbook, it's called a MacBook Pro and, as Kevin Rose predicted, it's a 15.4" widescreen dual-core Intel laptop, only 1" thick, running ×4 to ×5 faster than its predecessors with a brighter display and a built in iSight.

Update: Winding down, the new MacBook supports both Front Row and the Apple IR remote. It also has a new feature called MagSafe, a magnetic power chord. The MacBooks will start shipping in February, but you can pre-order today for $1,999 for a 1.67GHz Duo or $2,4999 for a 1.83GHz Duo.

Update: ...and that's the lot.

Update: Now the hysteria of the keynote live reports has started to die down, more details of the new iMac and MacBook along with iLife '06 and iWork '06 are starting to filter out...

Update: You can now watch the keynote on Apple's Quicktime site, and order the new hardware on the Apple Store.

Update: The first pictures of the new hardware are now starting to trickle out of Macworld in San Francisco, along with a fifteen minute video of the new MacBook being put through its paces on the show floor.

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