Friday, January 20, 2006

The AstroGrid Workshop, Final Day

The fourth and final day of the workshop is being run as a question and answer session. Now we know more about the software we get to pin the developers against the wall and ask them why it works the way it does; why that button goes there, why do you have to double click on that thing, why can't we just click that, and what's with all the XML? Towards the close of the meeting we were also standing up and talking about how we're thinking about using all this stuff, so I plugged the laptop into the projector and trotted out my half hour's worth of tinkering with Perl and the ACR, no doubt to the general amusement of rapidly thinning audience.

It's been interesting to see how the AstroGrid code base has evolved since last time I looked at it seriously, and it was especially interesting to see the state of the ACR. If the VO is to succeed I think something like ACR is very necessary as it lets the community access these new resources in the way they've always done things, in their favourite scripting language.

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