Sunday, January 29, 2006

Get 'em while there is some left..

When Apple announced the new Intel iMac at Macworld 2006 earlier in the month I'd only just bought a 20 inch iMac G5. Well it looks like my still almost shiny new iMac, along with its 17 inch little brother, is about to officially move into end of life status...

If you still want a G5 you can still pick up the 17 inch [USA, UK] and 20 inch [USA, UK] models at Amazon, with a mail-in rebate of $150 if you're buying at You can't complain, although if you're looking for a bargain you should probably wait for the load of barely scratched second hand models that'll no doubt be flooding the resale market very soon.

Update: It appears that Apple is trying to clear out the last stocks of iMac G5, as TAUW is reporting that there has been a big price drop at the Apple Store. Looks like the UK store has had a similar drop. So as I said, get 'em while they're going if you want one...

Update: The Register is reporting that Apple has officially discontinued the 17 inch iMac G5, although for now at least the 20 inch version is still on sale on the UK Apple Store.


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