Thursday, January 12, 2006

One more thing?

Is there more to come? Only two days after the Macworld keynote rumours are already spreading that there may still be "One more thing..." to come and key products were missing from the Steve's keynote speech due to supply issues with the new Intel Core Duo chips...
..."They can't get enough Core Duo (chips)," said my source. He also said that if he were me, he probably wouldn't order one of the new MacBook Pros. I asked if there would be MacBook replacements for the 17-inch and 12-inch PowerBooks, but he said, "Oh, it's much cooler than that. Much cooler." - Leander Kahney
Update: I'm starting to wonder whether it was supply issues with Core Duo chips that was the problem, and whether the predictions of instant-on Intel Macs are the "much cooler" thing. The recent announcement that Samsung will start producing 16 gigabit (that's 2GB) Nand Flash chips this year, coupled with Apple's supply agreement which everyone thought at the time was to handle the growing demand for the iPod, might mean that at least the replacement for the 12" Powerbook might be shipped without a hard drive. It'd certainly fit with my speculations about the future of the Powerbook line...

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