Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The MacBook Pro

The first up close shots of the new Apple hardware are starting to trickle out of Macworld in San Francisco. The images below are curtsey of UNEASYsilence who are doing a really great job of reporting the odd, funny and cool corners of the show that other bloggers aren't reaching.


Thanks guys...

Update: Tristan Louis has posted a comparison chart (via Apple Matters) comparing the MacBook Pro with the PowerBook and comparable Windows laptops. It makes interesting reading...

Update: It looks like all might not be lost for those of us who desperately wanted a updated 12" Powerbook, as the rumour is that a 12" and 17" version of the new MacBook may be coming real soon. Straight from someone, who overheard someone, who once talked to Steve Jobs. So it's just got to be true...

Update: Looks like Apple's use of EFI means that despite the move to Intel current releases of Windows won't run on Apple hardware. Presumably these problems will go away when Windows Vista finally ships.

Update: It also looks like there are some concerns about the specification of the new MacBook. You do have to wonder about the IR port, why doesn't the Apple Remote use Bluetooth? and since this is a laptop, can you use the remote to drive a PowerPoint or Keynote presentations? and if not, why the heck not?

Update: But there are also people who seem to be raving about the new MacBook. I guess the only way to be sure is to go down to your nearest Apple Store and try one...

Update: Or alternatively you could watch the video that Kevin Lim has helpfully made from the show floor at Macworld of a MacBook Pro in action.
Kevin Lim (via YouTube)
Fifteen minutes with MacBook Pro and iLife '06

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